Hearts galore...

Hearts have been on the mind, mornings: my ongoing work-on-paper project, tentatively entitled Antidote, has been what I've been spending studio time on. This is partly because, last week my studio time was cut short by going to work early, and partly because it was usually rather stifling up in the church building. But, the hearts continue, and I'm within probably about a hundred of being finished; both coats.

I shared, many posts ago, about this project, but seeing as the blog-O-sphere is so transient, all memory has probably been lost. It is a series of approx. 4 x 5" paper prescription slips from a Main Line pharmacy, all of them written on, in fountain pen script, from the years circa 1949-1951. I've been painting a plain, white heart on each of them--all 490--in gloss enamel; two coats. And as I've said, I'm within <100>

Themes involved: 70 x 7; love covers over a multitude of sins; redemption; and "antidote", of course.

Other news:
Stay tuned: we are on the cusp of new housing; Near Northeast here we come; Fairmount, you pricey platz, we quit thee.
Also; caught the great Keith Haring at the Reading Public Museum this weekend; a short review and some other thoughts to come.

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