Aarrgh! Schick, like the razor!!

Debut is finally webworthy, minus the second "c" in my name. Why is this so often a problem? I don't know. Anyway, go to http://www.gallerysiano.com/debut.asp and see images from the exhibit.

Check out my friend and fellow painter's blog for some new images of new work; he's working hard for some upcoming exhibits:

C'mon, thunderstorms; wipe away this sweaty pall from us! Thor let us down yesterday, and on his namesake day, too. I am a passive-aggressively belligerent person when it comes to flounting our particularly American addiction to air-conditioning...but I must confess, I didn't mind working in a veritable refrigerator of an institution, this week...

Vicki –   – (Friday, 04 August, 2006)  

Well, at least after one clicks on the inccorect spelling, the work samples are accompanied by the correct one. : )

Vicki –   – (Friday, 04 August, 2006)  

and look, I spelled incorrect, incorrectly... oh, well...

Douglas Witmer  – (Friday, 04 August, 2006)  

Hey Tim--you're gonna let 'em know, right? It would take less than 5 minutes to make it right.

Thanks for the props, dude.

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