Philadelphia Weekly review today!

Good, did you see the Weekly this morning, fresh from your morning victuals? Well, Roberta Fallon wrote a great review of my and another artist's work (Jaime Treadwell), so go pick up a copy if you haven't already. Here's a link to the Artblog version of her review:

Here also is the link to the Philadelphia Weekly:

Also, just a friendly reminder that the opening reception for my exhibit at Green Line Art Projects is this Friday, at 7 pm. More information/address here:

Last but not least, do go and support Cerulean Arts, showing Jaime Treadwell, a gallery in the edgy (art-wise) Fairmount/Francisville neighborhood; looks like they're doing good things.


Studio New, Phase 4: Fix ceiling; paint floor

Wow...finally got back into the studio again, and pushed, pushed, pushed last evening to pick up some drywall (thanks Andy!), cut it, install it into ornery old plaster, and then patch it, vacuum the floor, trim it and then roll the rest of it. Phew! But I got all that done, and even took some they are:

What will Phase 5 bring? Ah, but you must pay attention...tables may begin moving in soon! Lighting will be one of my next concerns, as well as built-in painting rack.

Below, just as a little extra, is a hanging shot of my latest painting, called Fascia. More about it later.

PS. Pick up a Philadelphia Weekly tomorrow.


Arp was here.

Seen on the sidewalk, outside the Barnes if to say, "why isn't any of MY work in the collection??"

Indeed. I consider Jean Arp to be a highly underrated Modernist. His paintings, especially the wooden cutouts, have been influential on my own work.

He is one of the artists who is said to have quipped, "Sculptures are what you bump into while backing up to look at a painting." If this is rightly attributed to Arp, then it's somewhat ironic, since Arp himself made beautiful, amorphous bronzes and marbles. Has anyone else heard this quote? I've heard other artists' names associated with it. Maybe Yves Klein?

PS. By the way, pick up a Philadelphia Weekly next week. You'll be glad you did.


Towing that old green line...

Some in situ shots from the Green Line Powelton show below; stay tuned for some possible publication/review news later this week:

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