Studio New, Phase 3: 2nd and wainscoat

Took off Monday (my 31st birthday) to push forward on getting the studio painted. I managed, from about 9:15 to 4:30, to get a second coat on the ceiling and walls, and a nice light dove grey on the wainscoating (really just a chair rail, but I painted it as if it was a wainscoating).

Check out the beautiful texture of the side-lit wall in the second my estimation, drywall doesn't have anything on plaster as far as sensuousness; I really like the look of plaster walls (most of the time). This photo also shows the windows before I removed the painter's tape.

The next step is to vacuum the floor, mop it if it needs it, and then put down a coat or two of battleship grey floor paint...then I'll be ready to move in. These are all the same colors I have in the current studio, and I really came to like them. Here is the photographic evidence:


Studio New, Phase 2: 1st coat

Here, finally, despite lack of internet access at home (a pox on you Cavalier Telephone!), are those promised pictures of phase 2: 1st coat of paint. And thank you, Tim Moyer, for your help and conversation, it was much appreciated.

Next, phase 3: 2nd coat. This is riveting, no?


Artblog review!

Libby Rosof, of Fallon and Rosof fame (read: Artblog, etc.) did a really great review of my show at Green Line Art Projects; go here to read it:

Thanks again to Douglas Witmer ( ) who invited me in the first place.


Kind words from Matthews the Younger

Here is a post with some very kind words from Mr. Rob Matthews, and some ad hoc titles based on Jerry Lee Lewis song titles. I like it:

Check out Rob's work at:


Interlude: Pool

An image of Pool, which was recently sold through Fleisher-Ollman Gallery.

Coming up: photos of painting the new studio.


Studio New, Phase 1: Patching

Began patching and prepping to paint in my new, larger studio, this past Monday evening. Here is some photographic evidence from this morning around 6:15. There was some really nice light coming through the window, so I tried capturing some of it. I basically installed some scraps of drywall I had sitting around to two gaps in the plaster (near the corners on the window-side wall), then patched all the cracks and nail-holes in the walls and ceilings. I may need to add some more drywall in the gaps, since the plaster is so thick...and maybe even screw a separate piece on top, if the cutting is too tedious. Next phase will (Lord willing) be happening next Monday evening: Painting the Ceiling.


Green Line Art Projects show

The email I sent out regarding my show in West Philly:

P. Timothy Gierschick II:
NEW WORK at Green Line Art Projects
August 6th - September 28th, 2007
Reception, September 14th, 2007; 7 PM

The Green Line Art Projects space is at 3649 Lancaster Avenue, in Powelton Village in West Philadelphia.

Hours and directions can be found here:

Also visit:

Below: Knot, latex and enamel on panel, 2007

studio 22nd and Mount Vernon Sts.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

...and, coming up, photos of my progress in patching/painting and otherwise prepping my new, larger studio space (still at the Church Studios). Instead of Studio R...I'm now going to be Studio U. (New nickname for the studio...The Studio is U. Alright, maybe not.) Stay tuned...

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