Meat was a Ball

Last night was the opening for the invitational I'm part of until January 28th, at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery; Meat Ball. It was crowded, loud, annoyingly "hip" and smelled like wine, but it was fun, largely because it was so nice to see my paintings outside of the studio, in a new context. As Ben Volta said when he was there, it would have been cool to see my studio tables, with brushes laid out neatly, installed next to the paintings to help with context; still, it was nice to see them in this new context. One which, ostensibly at least, I'd made them for. Another context which I will see them in is today: I will see them without the enthronging multitudes, with my wife's family. And I'll make sure some installation shots are taken for you all to admire (NOT an excuse to avoid the actual gallery...besides, some of the other work is very nice.) Check back later.

In case you missed it, the link for the gallery is in the previous post.

Artist-of-the-fortnight is running late; many apologies. There are good candidates waiting in the flanks, however.

Miscellany: Good friend Douglas Witmer, painter, has an online exhibit up at Minus Space's website, soon to be followed by a brick-and-mortar exhibit in Brooklyn, at the Minus Space site.

I will also begin (occasionally) posting some things at the newly-set up Church Studios blog; , (thanks Dayton.)

Rubens –   – (Monday, 12 December, 2005)  

It's great to hear about the opening, brother. Wish I could've been there. Peace & blessings

benvolta  – (Tuesday, 13 December, 2005)  

yes I would have loved to see my studio tables, and my logs and some of my paintings - wait I mean your tables and your brushes--- ha..

it was a ball, congrats man.

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