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Gonna get this one out there while I have a chance; may be leaving work early today. Anyway, I promised some pictures from my Meat Ball exhibit, so here you are (below). I'll be in Media and Oley in the beautiful Keystone state over the next week; this may be my last post of the year. I'll hopefully be doing a lot of reflection, thinking and writing over the holiday break; perhaps some of it will end up here. Thanks for participating in making my blog more rich and fun. It's more fun when you know people are watching; listening. I wish you all an old-school American, Currier & Ives holiday season. It is a winter holiday, after all. No matter what people in San Diego, Miami or Houston may say...the Northeast has got this holiday WRAPPED UP. Word.

(above, left to right on wall: Heart/Boat; Keystone Study 1...Leah Bailis's house piece on left)

(above, from left to right: Heart/Boat; Keystone Study 1; Double Cross; Stacked Keystones; Keystone Study 2 - all mixed media on panel)

the fourth samba  – (Friday, 23 December, 2005)  

your pieces look lumionous, man!!! I absolutely love the "loveboat", It's my favorite piece of yours. I truly really love it!!! Have a sweet break my brother, enjoy it thoroughly. peace from Rubens, Lynne and Galliano

the fourth samba  – (Friday, 23 December, 2005)  
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the fourth samba  – (Friday, 23 December, 2005)  

"lumionous" - "luminous"
"loveboat" - "heart/boat"

catnapping  – (Wednesday, 18 January, 2006)  

I'm drawn to the Keystone Study. The combination of tans and whites...there's a being washed in the smells of snow and wood smoke.

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