Good news: Meat Ball?

Good news: recently I was one of several young/emerging artists in the greater Philly area invited to a winter exhibit called Meat Ball, at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery downtown at 1616 Walnut Street.

I'm not sure yet which paintings they've chosen to be hung, but as soon as I know, I'll post them, with pictures.

Fleisher/Ollman's a great place to be exhibited; one of the city's oldest galleries, begun (I think) in 1951, and a beautiful space; one of the more Soho reminiscent spaces in Philadelphia. Their raison d'etre is what's commonly called "outsider" or "self-taught" artist's work - such as James Castle, whose work I really like; or Henry Darger.

But they do show work by other "educated" artists whose work is informed by the "self-taught aesthetic." Some good things will come from this opportunity, I think. Oh, and the other artists' work looks good too...what I've seen so far.

Come to the opening reception on December 9th, from 6-9 PM, but be warned: if you dislike wall-to-wall crowded spaces and extensive imbibing of alcoholic beverages, I would advise you to come's up for a long time - until January 28th - compared to most gallery shows, and I'd be happy to hang out with you if you give me some prior notice.

PS. (A nice looking Richard Serra works-on-paper show - at Work on Paper gallery, strangely enough - is also going up this week, across the street from F/O...another decent reason to go downtown.)

rubens –   – (Friday, 02 December, 2005)  

good stuff brother!!! Can't wait to see it. How did you get hooked up with the gallery? I'd like to know...

GIERSCHICK  – (Friday, 02 December, 2005)  

hey rubens, I found the call for portfolios on, under "opportunities" and thought it sounded great...i check this website often for local and national should check it out.

GIERSCHICK  – (Wednesday, 07 December, 2005)  

Well...yes and no. I believe every artist is both "educated" and "self-taught." Every work we create is teaching us something; otherwise we'd never progress. But, to be fair to your question, I do have an MA in Studio Art; concentration in Printmaking/Etching. I took one Painting class while in college, but have been doing mostly that, largely because of the expense and the specialized equipment involved in etching. I also have been painting because it fits my aesthetic interest in working on pre-existing surfaces and objects. The former is not REALLY an excuse; there are places to work on etching in Philly, and I've used them and know of them, but it is an effort to drive to the Fleisher Art Memorial's Center for Works on Paper, to do work in an acid bath that's weaker than church coffee, for 6 dollars an hour. So, my present goal is to get an edition of at least 20 etchings done a year. Until I get a more permanent living space, I won't be buying an etching press. But after I get a house? betcha.

I also think your question was in reference to my mentioning Fleisher/Ollman's usual gallery fare...well, they do represent artists who would be considered "educated," and not "outsider", whose work nevertheless is closely informed and inspired perhaps by those forementioned artists and types of artists. Similar to Dubuffet, if you know his work...he was very interested in children's work and Art Brut, as he called it, I think (artwork by mentally disabled or violent people, e.g.)...but he himself was a traditionally educated artist. His work is very informed by that type of working, however. Cy Twombly too is known to be striving for the "childlike" mark" as well.

Thanks for the question :-) Sorry for the rambling.

Dale Zimmer  – (Friday, 09 December, 2005)  

Is that a misprint, or did you pick up a Masters degree while I wasn't paying attention?

GIERSCHICK  – (Friday, 09 December, 2005)  

Sorry, Mr. Zimmer...I meant BA.

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