Artist-of-the-fortnight: Brent Wahl

(above: Chamber of the Two Sisters; below: Dots and Foam, both chromogenic prints)

Introducing an artist...about whom I know nothing. Really; I just happened to be trolling around Gallery Siano's website, run by a wonderful woman with whom I'm acquainted, and came across these really beautiful photographic images. I will be making a point to see these in person before the 16th of January, when the show, Abstracting the Visible, closes. Maybe you should too, since I'm sure these look MUCH better in person than in 72 dpi.

the fourth samba  – (Wednesday, 21 December, 2005)  

If Bryce Marden and Terry Winters had a kid and that kid was a computer whiz he would've done that 1st piece. peace, Rubens

GIERSCHICK  – (Friday, 23 December, 2005)  

Right on, my man. Marden sprung to mind with that one, as well.

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