New Jerusalem

A new poem-in-progress for you to consider:

New Jerusalem

Ah, New Jerusalem; you
diminutive, green, three-cornered
town, with the name the
size of eternity –
you carry the word of the
kingdom in your little
mouth; a picture of the jewel
made fleshly in your pocket
edged with meadow.
Your denizens, a group of
souls – compiled for naught except
that they are whole and part of you;
Babylon’s red-cheeked
antithesis with broken teeth; old
silage wagons; oily feet.
How many pass through
you and miss the fame – your
foot is small, but the
print extends into the wildest
borders of this earth.
Bless you, New Jerusalem: shine
your lights like tractor
headlights of your farmers,
plowing late.

(c) P. Timothy Gierschick II

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