Heart/Boat - 2005

GIERSCHICK  – (Tuesday, 23 August, 2005)  

I like “heart/boat” quite a bit. Gotta say, I see that as a rather erotic torso image, ripe pink breast-like forms at top with the brown brush strokes coming together hair-like to a sort of pelvic point, not to mention the play with the cliche “heart” symbol. Is the black border part of the piece?
-Douglas Witmer

GIERSCHICK  – (Friday, 26 August, 2005)  

Douglas - thanks for the comments. The black border is not part of the piece; it was from an attempt to take some quicky digitals against a black felt background, to make it easier on my wife the graphic designer, in Photoshop.
We'll have to work on that. Do you think white would work better?

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