Here's a few kind comments regarding my blog material from a long-time friend of mine, Jonathan Bean. He is a recent graduate from New York School of the Visual Arts, and a book illustrator working in Manhattan at the present time...but he and I grew up spending time together in the Berks County woods . His website is - see samples of his illustration work, sketches etc.

"I was moved by your poem “New Jeruselem”. If I am assuming wrongly that it is about the New Jeruselem in Rockland township than forgive me. But I often used to go drawing on the hill up above the town - the hill the the power lines climb over. I thought about the town, its position, the way people used the name so easily, fluidly in conversation, who might have given the town its name. I did a drawing titled “New Jeruselem” but it wasn’t acutally of the town. It was of the hills past it and was filled with some imaginary structures or shapes. Im not sure I would like it any more if I looked at it again.Have you finished the poem or worked on it more? I would be interested in reading it when you have."

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