Studio New, Phase 1: Patching

Began patching and prepping to paint in my new, larger studio, this past Monday evening. Here is some photographic evidence from this morning around 6:15. There was some really nice light coming through the window, so I tried capturing some of it. I basically installed some scraps of drywall I had sitting around to two gaps in the plaster (near the corners on the window-side wall), then patched all the cracks and nail-holes in the walls and ceilings. I may need to add some more drywall in the gaps, since the plaster is so thick...and maybe even screw a separate piece on top, if the cutting is too tedious. Next phase will (Lord willing) be happening next Monday evening: Painting the Ceiling.

the fourth samba  – (Thursday, 16 August, 2007)  

Tim, that second picture is wonderful!

I'm glad you got that space brother, deserved full blast!

Punky Bruise-ster  – (Friday, 17 August, 2007)  

I think it's great that you are finally moving into the new space. It will look nice when you are done fixing it up (although I wish you could get the ceiling light fixed so you could get rid of that nasty fluorescent). It will allow you more room to work on multiple (and larger) pieces, as well as have a bit of storage space. I know you will put it to good use.

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