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I am exhausted; have been up since 4 this morning, at the studio. So, my eyelids are getting very heavy, and I'll be taking off for bed right after this post publishes (DON"T forget to check out the previous post; it has some pictures of the Gallery Siano hang.)

Below, one of the more recent paintings I've finished; on one of two bedframe pieces...this is the headboard portion of the bed; the other is (in progress; as of yet untitled) on the footboard. This larger one is also untitled, but ideas are emerging... it is, as usual, latex and enamel on found panel.

Below, entitled Knot. Latex and enamel on panel. A free-form freedom...the liberation in restriction....and oh yes; old-fashioned kickash color.

This one is titled (somewhat tentatively) Remission 1, 2. Again, latex and enamel on collage (1950's-era pharmacy prescription slips) on panel.

Punky Bruise-ster  – (Monday, 23 July, 2007)  

I like the remission ones... but they feel upside down to me... maybe that's part of the point?

the fourth samba  – (Tuesday, 24 July, 2007)  

Tim I get into your studio and BLOUGH!

I love these ones a lot.

Dayton  – (Saturday, 28 July, 2007)  

They are starting to remind me of microscopic biological...things.

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