Gallery Siano opening...

Well, the opening reception for the Gallery Siano exhibit I am included in, Survey, Summer 2007, was two Fridays ago...and I have some pictures to prove it. So, enjoy the pictures, and stay tune for some more pictures of recent work in a post following this one.

These drawings are five of a six part series called Haiku Redux 1-6, and are pencil, latex and enamel on gessoed cardboard.

Thanks, Vicki for the great photos of the show. Go see the work; it's up until August 4th. There's some other really nice work there. And with an artist by the name of Dutch Huff included; how can you go wrong? Come to think of it, just come to the gallery August 3rd in the evening; I'll be there again for First Friday. Enough talking; cue the pictures:

Punky Bruise-ster  – (Monday, 23 July, 2007)  

Wow. Really great photos... Who's your photographer?

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