Been under the weather a bit, folks; but some compiled thoughts on the Arcadia Works on Paper 2006 exhibit, just closed on Tuesday, are forthcoming. I drove up to the college on a beautiful spring afternoon on my lunch break, and literally spent about ten minutes hurriedly taking in all the work there, and then headed back to the Barnes again. So, I managed to make it to the exhibit a few hours before it closed. As always, it was well worth it, and I've been slapping myself for not submitting any work to it, since I could see some of my work on paper fitting in with what was on the walls.

Some miscellany:

- there's a Summer Show in the works, at a downtown gallery, which I've been invited to have some work in. The rough dates are July 7th - August 26th, but I'll let you all know the details when they come my way. Now I need to get cracking on nine frames for the pieces (which, ironically, are works on paper). Hopefully, I'll keep you updated with images, as well).

-I've been reading (slowly) some books on widely divergent subjects this spring; here's a sampling:

- a book from 1940, on subsistence farming for the beginner (can't remember the exact title).

- What Happened to Art Criticism? by James Elkins...I've been increasingly interested in writing about art recently, and this book is an interesting - yes, criticism - of art critcism's current state, and how it could be better.

- Familiar Garden Birds of America by Henry Hill Collins

(waiting in the wings: Collected Poems of Amy Clampitt; The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan; that Michael Kimmelman book I got for Christmas and still haven't begun...I also thoroughly enjoyed a Don Delillo novel - White Noise - last summer...maybe I'll pick up another one of his for dog day reading.)

As always, I'd be very interested in what all of you are reading right now...and if you're not reading, remember...this is Turn off Your TV week. Dig out one of those dusty deck chairs, and put your nose between some lines, in the cool late April sun.

Anyway...thoughts on Arcadia's Works on Paper 2006 forthcoming...

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