Notes...and pot calling the kettle black.

Three things you all may find interesting; four which will make you say WHAAA!??? (my apologies to the prophet Amos):

1. Interesting stream on Edward Winkleman's blog on religion's relationship to art...go ahead, jump on in. I read the comments, and don't sense any sincere faith representatives so far:

2. Dennis Oppenheim coming to U Penn's campus! I love the bell shape:

3. Early Ellsworth Kelly going up as we speak at the PMA. I'll be writing a response to this exhibit, hopefully:

Oh, okay; 4. Did you hear Mr. Bush, in a clip from a speech given yesterday, promoting his personal agenda of line item veto? He had the audacity to suggest that his idea would encourage "fiscal responsibility"? WHAAA??? That cat wouldn't know fiscal responsibility if it crushed his tail!

My apologies for the apoplectic dive into politics.

alicia  – (Sunday, 19 March, 2006)  

Comparing a politician to a cat is an insult. To cats.


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