H/Y/C corrections...

This from Linda Yun, regarding some important corrections to my mention of materials in Ho/Yun/Chaney Revisited:

"I wanted to point out just two points on behalf of Melissa and myself in that for her work with the newspapers, the blocks of color are actually not screen-printed but cut-and-pasted. For myself, the wall piece was made up of joint compound with latex paint, directly applied to the gallery wall. After it is set, the joint compound is sanded away to reveal the composition on the wall. These are just small distinctions, but we felt we should pass this information along to you. Although the other ‘paintings’ in the show were made with make-up, the wall piece did not contain any (although the sparkly quality to the dry gypsum is very similar to the surface achieved on the other works!). The glitter quality to the ‘paintings’ are actually from this glitter material you can add to latex paint."

Thanks Linda.

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