January, 2006

January is a painting I finished recently, done on a cut plywood panel, inspired by my mood in January and how the month felt to me. (It also has reminded me of how much I owe to Ellsworth Kelly.)

I've talked before of how I'm fascinated with things which are "on the edge", or transitional, so the month of January and the god Janus who inspired the month's name are an obvious connection. Also, there is a union of two things or feelings which have, at the same time, very little and a lot to do with each other. Anyway, the painting is One-Shot gloss enamel on plywood panel.

Below is a shot of it with various studio objects, giving it more of a spatial context.

3/27/06: (And no, Rubens, I haven't changed my mind about this being a sort of self-portrait...or more specifically an emotional self-portrait of that particular time.)

the fourth samba  – (Saturday, 25 March, 2006)  

Tim, as we spoke on this, I've become quite fond of this piece. We also talked about this sort of being a self portrait of sorts as well. Have your feelings toward this idea changed at all or have you seen you in tis even more, meaning as a portrait?!

alicia  – (Saturday, 25 March, 2006)  

This piece makes me think of growth and change--something flowing out of something else. Also, I love the color.

GIERSCHICK  – (Monday, 27 March, 2006)  

rubens...i included my response to your comment in the post body...btw; happy birthday!

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