Fernando or Oley?

(above, Fernando Colon-Gonzalez, Untitled #19, diptic, oil on linen).

Hello - been to the shore; out of commission for a few days...now I'm back. Here, until I get some pictures of my recent work up, is an artist I've been interested in lately, Fernando Colon-Gonzalez. I first saw his work awhile ago, but was reminded of him at Larry Becker Contemporary Art a few weeks ago. Here is simplicity without sacrificing depth; clarity without compromising pleasing composition. The aesthetic reminds me somewhat of Jason Martin, but without that enormous, hand-made brush that pushes the pictorial matrix right up to the front: here there is a little more space to breathe. Don't get me wrong; I love Martin's paintings (including the idea of making a brush for a painting), but they feel a bit like drowning to me; i.e., at least the ones I've seen. And I don't know how to swim.

By the way, check out Fernando Colon-Gonzalez in person at the opening to Rebecca Salter/Fernando Colon-Gonzalez at Larry Becker Contemporary Art, 201 North 2nd Street, Philly, on the evening of the 24th of September.

I'll be at the Oley Valley Community Fair this weekend, visiting the cows and seeing who's won the prize for biggest pumpkin this year. Jealous? You should be.

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