Thanksgiving as a mindset...

Color-your-own turkey decoration: click on, print out and zowie!

Thank you for:

  • Checking back into my wretchedly neglected weblog;

  • Being interested in my work, my thoughts, my life, enough to check in;

  • Paying attention to me in a culture where art as a lifestyle can be a piece of cake, but art as a discipline can be very, very hard;

  • Reading this little piece of folderol!
Life has thrown me some curves recently, but Jehovah is amazing; I'm feeling more grounded than ever.

I've been getting into the studio as much as possible; work has been slow but steady. Digitals and slides of my last spate of work is still in progress; I will post some digitals of new(ish) work very a kind-of early Noel present.

Perhaps some recent thoughts, as well, on general theological issues...ecstasy, violence, etc.; things I've been ruminating on.

Dayton  – (Tuesday, 27 November, 2007)  

Good to see you back at it! Look forward to seeing the new work...

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