Artist-of-the-fortnight: Mary Judge

Beginning this week and continuing each fortnight, I will attempt to introduce to you, my faithful blog visitors, a new artist. This may be someone whom I have just discovered, or whose work is particularly important, influential, or enjoyable to me at this particular time. And the artist this week is all three of the above. So, to begin, I will introduce Mary Judge. I know her work mostly through Gallery Joe, on 3rd and Arch in Philly, but she is an oft-exhibited artist, nationally and internationally. Anyway, her work is the most interesting part. Above you see a large painting of hers. I highly recommend visiting her website, to get a better idea of her ouevre's scope, especially a particularly poignant cement sculpture, that looks like it could be made of molded paper:


benvolta  – (Friday, 04 November, 2005)  

I love Mary Judge's work. I had a crit with her back in 2001 when she exhibited at the academy.. whew.... so so nice!

Alicia  – (Saturday, 05 November, 2005)  

I know I'm a hopeless representationalist, but that looks just like a giant Slinky...

GIERSCHICK  – (Monday, 07 November, 2005)  

Hi Alicia, it does look like a Slinky, doesn't it. But then you and I had lots of fun doing Spirographs, and never thought less of them for not "looking like anything." :-) Check out her website, for how she makes them; that's part of the interesting part.

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