An open appeal to frustrated art viewers:

 Parade Rain, 2011.

Pull away from needing meaning; move towards associations, memories.

Questions are normally more helpful than answers; besides, what good would answers be without them?

Rediscover the childlike sensation of learning a new color, and pure enjoyment in seeing it clash, click and melt with another color.

Re-investigate the edges of things, without needing to immediately get to the marrow.

Close your eyes if it helps.

Remember that definitions often close doors; absorb the mystery; be okay with not knowing; re-learn the education of the unsure.

Pick up a pencil, and make an unplanned mark; a movement straight from your body.

Remind yourself that, though art is a discipline, it is more importantly innate.

Art is the making; not the product.

Shoebotmom  – (Tuesday, 24 May, 2011)  

Tim, I really like this. I don't often have time (or make time) to work on an idea that I have. When I have made the time in the past, I would often find myself struggling to make it mean something. I recently have just begun allowing myself to let the project happen. To go with a color scheme and play with it, until I like what I see--enjoying the process more, without expectations of a specific result. It gives me a greater satisfaction for the time spent and for the resulting work.

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