Studio shots, May Day Eve

Here to warm your hearts are a few shots from my studio this morning. The usual caveat: my (technical) photography skills are horrible, but these are only for reference only. They should never be a replacement for coming to visit the studio in person.

This is a shot of my recently finished and as-of-yet untitled series based on the four seasons.

I've been experimenting with creation through elimination: blocking out certain areas of found objects or images, to see what new dynamics might emerge. Text is often the culprit. It's amazing how swiftly an image quiets down when text or an unrelated image is blocked out or minimized.

This also recently-finished painting is titled Bulb. It uses a similar composition to my Adam & Eve diptych, seen in an earlier post.

This is one of three panels in progress...more images later as they move on.

Yet another recently-finished panel, using some shapes inspired by Ezekiel's wheels and satellite dishes.

Just catching up here...a drawing on flattened takeout box, from last year. Colored pencil.

And lastly, a work on paper titled BellcurveBall.

Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All  – (Thursday, 30 April, 2009)  

I like several, but especially the two rings one. The transparency of the red is nice.

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