Closing Reception Date Announced!


The show I'm part of, On Loss and Memory at the StrataSphere in Old Kensington, Philadelphia, is having its CLOSING RECEPTION on September the 27th, from 3 pm to 5 pm. I'll be there, probably for the whole time, so stop by and say hello; check out the art and have something to drink. There's also an opportunity for visitors to add their memories to a collection project at the gallery, as part of the show.

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Dayton  – (Friday, 12 September, 2008)  

Wish I could be there Tim! How 'bout some shots of the show? Hope you're well!

Punky Bruise-ster  – (Thursday, 18 September, 2008)  

I have some shots of the pieces in the gallery, but Tim's was the first up. I'll be sure to take some shots at the reception as well.

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