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Hello everyone; I just wanted to keep you updated on some events which are coming up in my schedule, and which you may be interested in.

The first is that my 2006 painting (enamel on collage) called Snow Snake, will be exhibited in the Art of the State exhibit at the State Museum of Pennsylvania; June 9th through September 9th. This is the annual statewide juried awards exhibit at the museum; Philadelphia is usually well-represented. I'll post a picture of the painting soon. A website on this: (scroll down through events).

Secondly, in June (the 14th through the 17th) I will be attending the Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) bi-annual conference, being held at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. (My alma mater). I am really looking forward to this, as it's my first time. I'll also be able to visit with some of my old profs, and the seminars this year will be split up into several tracks, one of which will be on incorporating the visual arts into the corporate worship space, something which I'm very interested in. Another website:

And thirdly, a small solo exhibit is in the works, for July through August (still tentative) at the Green Line/Powelton Village cafe, where I had my painting on panel, Sheaf, this past late-winter. More information on this later. Should be a good opportunity to see several of my pieces together at the same time. Yea. Yet another link (go support!):

There are some other exciting art-things happening or about to emerge, but they are even more tentative, so I'll keep my mouth shut/hands still for now.

Peace out.

Chris Ashley  – (Sunday, 06 May, 2007)  

Tim- congrats on all the upcoming show. Regarding the CIVA conference, you mentioned an interest in "corporate worship space". What is this? The only association I can make to "corporate" is something like mega church, but I doubt this is what you mean. I looked at the conference website- the topics and sessions look really interesting, but I don't see the word "corporate". Can you explain what is meant by "corporate worship space"? Thanks.

GIERSCHICK  – (Tuesday, 15 May, 2007)  

Hi Chris; I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond to your question, but simply put, I mean a group of individuals gathered for a singular purpose; a "body" of people, if you will (related to "corporeal"...). Nothing to do with the "corporate world", per se :-) Thanks for writing...

Sonya –   – (Sunday, 10 June, 2007)  

Hi Tim, a few years back I was in Don's class at MC when you presented the silk aquatint. long story short you mentioned fleisher, I became hooked on printmaking classes, got a print in the art of the state show, saw your piece, found your blog. Fascinating work! I'd love to see more. I'll be at CIVA and it would be neat to catch up. Take care.

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