PHL to NY: yoo-hoo...

(above, Hercules in NY, 1970...a Grecian Rocky, stormin' the 212!?)

Hey folks; below is a great little expose of the Philadelphia art-scene from the New York Times magazine...and according to NY Times custom, seems to have gotten a hold of local places/galleries that most Philadelphians don't even know about. But really, if it wasn't for school trips, how many natives would visit the Art Museum anyway? Well, now that Rocky(c) is gesticulating victoriously down by the poor Charioteer of Delphi (sigh)...

Vicki –   – (Monday, 20 November, 2006)  

At first read this seems a rather nice article, no? But where's your mention? ; )

the fourth samba  – (Friday, 24 November, 2006)  

Philly is a gem disguised by its smells. We smell like things that NY would not desire to be acquainted with or even say that they smell like. I like this quality of Philly, its unpretensiousness. Even when we try to be pretensious we notice we can't. Hopefully Phils will always be kept humbly, that way I think our art will be elevated in truth rather than some faux form of elevation.

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