Prayer Files: preview

My Prayer Files series will be on display this July; here's a preview:

(from top: F, Mc, P, S: all, gesso, india ink, latex and enamel on file dividers)

the fourth samba  – (Tuesday, 23 May, 2006)  

Wow Tim, these look great here as well... they actually look different than in person. Nice, can't wait to see them installed! love

Rob Matthews  – (Thursday, 25 May, 2006)  

Nice work...where's the show?

GIERSCHICK  – (Thursday, 25 May, 2006)  

Gallery Siano, summer show, July 7th-August (?)th. I'll post more once I hear about it.

benvolta  – (Monday, 29 May, 2006)  

yeah man... these are great.

the fourth samba  – (Wednesday, 31 May, 2006)  

Tim, are you done with this series or not yet?

Oh, btw, you and Vicky should come out this friday and check out Prefuse 73 @ the Unitarian. I posted on details.

GIERSCHICK  – (Thursday, 01 June, 2006)  

rubes, I've been thinking of making some more, since I have one or two of the file dividers left, but haven't yet. If I do, they probably won't be in the show though. I wish now I would've grabbed all of the file dividers when I saw them in the trash!

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